22. November 2021 –
The US patent office has awarded Apple a patent for a device with a glass housing. In addition to the iPhone, the concept could also be used in the Apple Watch or Macs.

Apple has received a patent for an “electronic device with a glass housing,” according to various media reports. As can be seen in the patent application, which was filed in 2019, there is talk of a device that is framed with glass on six sides. The possibility of using the individual pages as display surfaces or using them as touch-sensitive input surfaces is considered. It would also be conceivable to show the display content on all sides of a smartphone. Also interesting: According to the patent, Apple is also considering using the glass housing concept for smartwatches or desktop computers.

As with previous patents, it should be noted here that it is more than questionable whether Apple will ever implement a corresponding concept. Nonetheless, the patents show in which direction Apple’s device development could point. (rd)


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