Apple Online Store currently for some users with problems

There are currently some problems in the Apple Online Store: Some users report that they cannot access and search through various categories. However, these current difficulties do not indicate a new product that is due to go on sale shortly. Do you also have problems with the Apple Online Store?

At the moment there are some failures in the Apple Online Store: Various users have reported that the various categories in the Apple Store can no longer be searched properly at the moment. Categories for accessories such as AirTags, cables or sleeves are obviously particularly affected, but as usual, not all users are affected by these disruptions.
We could not understand the problem in the categories mentioned.

Some users also have problems with the shopping cart and orders

Somewhat more serious is the observation of some users that they currently have no or only limited access to their shopping cart. Some users cannot access their orders at the moment either.

Apple usually resolves such issues within a few hours. Similar failures occur in Apple’s iCloud every few weeks, which then affect various services to a greater or lesser extent.
However, these current disruptions are not likely to indicate a new product.

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