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If you want to listen to music available in Apple Music on an iPhone or iPad, you don’t necessarily have to use Apple’s pre-installed music app. There are a number of third-party alternatives in the App Store that also support the streaming service from Cupertino. Some of these have features that the application from the Californian company does not offer. This includes, among other things, the possibility of changing the playback speed, i.e. playing songs slower or faster. After the update to iOS/iPadOS 15.4, however, this suddenly stopped working.

Function intentionally disabled by Apple
What initially looked like a bug quickly turned out to be an intentional measure. Apple had disabled the feature in the programming interface, which could previously be used to modify playback speed. The MPMediaPlayback.currentPlaybackRate function could still be addressed so that no error occurred, but it no longer led to the desired result. Only the playback of songs from Apple’s in-house streaming service called Apple Music was affected. For tracks stored on iPhone or iPad, the playback speed could be changed without any problems even after an update to iOS/iPadOS 15.4.

Apple has a look: feature included again in iOS 15.5
Shortly after the update was released, there were a number of complaints from affected app developers in Apple’s developer forums. Apple’s replies indicated that removing the feature was to fix a bug. Speed ​​adjustment was never intended for Apple Music content and has therefore been removed in iOS/iPadOS 15.4 for these cases. This caused resentment – ​​and the Californian company reacted: In iOS/iPadOS 15.5, MPMediaPlayback.currentPlaybackRate will again be available to developers and their apps for all pieces of music, including Apple Music content. After re-examining the earlier decision, it was concluded that the feature could be reactivated, according to the corresponding forum post. It is already included again in the current fourth beta of iOS 15.5.

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