Apple may encroach on Samsung … an unpleasant surprise awaits!

Source: Dubai – the Arab portal for technical news

The entire Android community is expected to experience something Apple did when it launched its iPhone 12, not a design, feature, or new technology, because Apple announced its new phone that comes without chargers, as Android device manufacturers can do that.

So how will Apple users charge their phones?

Users will rely on their old chargers, whether wired or wireless, as Apple is heading to more environmental conservation by cutting some components from the new iPhone, where the box in which the phone comes is considered more environmentally friendly, and 90% will be used. It is a recyclable friendly fiber.

IPhone 12 will still come with a USB-C cable, but don’t expect any headphones or a wall jack. And if you don’t have an iPhone charger, then you need to purchase a separate charger. And if you have any other gadget from Apple that comes with the new (MagSafe) ecosystem, you can use it to charge your iPhone 12.

“Cut costs”

Now, rumors are saying that Android phone makers will also follow Apple, and this is something that can be done if the goal is to eliminate existing waste, as every smartphone sold today comes with a new charger.

In addition, tech companies can help create a better world if there is less waste, and they can start by shutting down chargers and other necessities that most people already have. It’s not a bad decision but of course companies should have the solution for those who don’t have their own chargers.

And according to the Korean site (ETNews), Samsung is considering selling its next smartphones without chargers, inside the sales box, early next year. While the Korean company Samsung has not confirmed the news, it is possible that cost reduction was one of the reasons for this decision, as smartphone prices have risen dramatically in the past decade. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was also launched at a price of $ 1499, in addition to the fact that many smartphone manufacturers raised the prices of their devices, as the $ 1,000 barrier was broken with current smartphones.