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Pegasus can hack phones and transfer the data on them without the need for user interaction

Apple issued an urgent update to the security protection settings in its devices, following reports that revealed new spyware believed to belong to the Israeli company NSO. Citizen Lab, an independent cybersecurity watchdog, said last week it had found the malware on the phone of a Saudi opposition activist.

Researchers claim that this software is used by NSO to extract data and remotely control devices.

Citizen Lab said that the Israeli company has developed a tool through which it is possible to hack phones in an unprecedented manner that no one has used before, suggesting that this tool has already begun to be used last February.

The importance of this discovery lies in the nature of the electronic vulnerability caused by this dangerous malware known as “Pegasus”, as it does not need interaction from the phone user in order to be penetrated. This tool can also hack all operating systems developed by Apple, the maker of the iPhone, including iOS, OSX, and watchOS, except for those that are updated on Monday.

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