Apple is fighting against leakers with double agents

Spy tracked down stolen iPhone prototype; an Apple employee even wanted to sell a secret account.

Although Apple has been taking massive action against leakers for a long time, the efforts are hardly having any effect. There is still a lot of information about their equipment and design long before new devices are presented. The latest examples are the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch 7, the iPad mini 6 and the AirPods 3, which will not be presented until mid-September. Especially group boss Tim Cook (picture) are these leaks a thorn in the side. That is why he is now even sending “double agents” out to catch the traitors or to prevent their actions.

Leaker changed sides

Specifically, a well-known iPhone leaker has been working as an informer for Apple for a year. As Motherboard reports, it is Andrey Shumeyko alias “YRH04E”. This went in search of stolen information about Apple products (hardware and software). Shumeyko quickly found what he was looking for. Because the secret information and prototypes are often offered via Discord or Twitter.

Reports to the security team

He then forwarded the advance information and devices that the double agent received directly to Apple’s global security team. In addition, he informed the internal security system about imminent leaks. In some cases, according to the report, Apple was able to pre-empt the leakers.

Stolen iPhone as a source

A particularly serious leak in the previous year was that of iOS 14. Here, an early version of the new operating system was published on the Internet months before its official presentation. Shumeyko also informed Apple about this. The informer was even able to find out details about the leak and that it got his advance information from an iPhone 11 that had apparently been stolen by an Apple employee and on which an iOS 14 beta was installed.

Employee wanted to sell a secret account

The greatest success of the double agent, however, was the case of a German Apple employee. Shumeyko found out that he wanted to monetize his access to Apple’s internal platform. But before he could sell his account, through which he had access to secret emails, he was fired from Apple.

Break with Apple

In the meantime, Andrey Shumeyko has ended his collaboration with Apple. The double agent felt he was not valued enough by the US company. In addition, according to him, there was no financial compensation, which is why the spy ultimately felt exploited.

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