Apple iPhone 14 could have an eSIM-only variant

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(Pocket-lint) – It could be the beginning of the end of the basic SIM, with eSIM becoming more widespread in Asia and Europe.

A Wall Street Journal report speculates that adoption will increase rapidly in the US as three major carriers prepare to go SIM-free.

The report notes that the iPhone 13 didn’t ship with a physical SIM card, and some Android devices are already completely devoid of SIM card support.

However, we shouldn’t expect Apple to scrap SIM card support right away, as that would shut out a large chunk of the market.

Instead, according to the analysis, we should expect an eSIM-only variant of the upcoming new model, keeping the model with two eSIM and one physical SIM slot for the mass market and the main carrier channel.”

“We anticipate that telcos will have a choice in whether to stock and sell a new eSIM-only variant of the iPhone alongside the more business-friendly models with dual eSIM/physical SIM support.

In addition to the advantages of convenience, there are also security reasons that speak for a cardless future.


Anthony Goonetilleke, head of strategy at Amdocs, said that with eSIMs, “you can suddenly send out a security update to millions of people around the world if you find a problem. You can’t do that with physical SIM cards.”

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And then there’s the fact that the European Union wants to make it mandatory to equip iPhones with USB-C ports.

That could prompt the tech giant to embark on its long-rumored plans for a completely portless iPhone that only charges with MagSafe sooner rather than later.

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