Apple Executive Demands Flexibility; they cut home office, he leaves

  • The Director of Machine Learning at Apple resigned due to a new hybrid model in the company.

  • The world begins to leave Covid-19 and jobs return to “normal”.

  • Although this follows a trend of hybridity, the flexibility and active listening of employees defines the appropriate model for the company.

the executive, Ian Goodfellow, Director of Machine Learning at Apple, decided to resign when the technology company announced its new post-Covid-19 work structure, which transitions to hybridity and leaves behind the home office. This is due to lack of flexibility.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, working at home was considered an avant-garde model and with the forced confinements, the traditional work model changed, going to the office, marking your arrival and departure, spending hours in traffic are issues that for companies adapted to digitization and flexibility are left in the past.

Although the home office It was not something new, millions of workers began to work remotely. At least in the Latin American region, approximately 23 million people.

With the advancement of vaccination, the decrease in cases of contagion and deaths, many companies are considering returning physically; However, In this 2022, organizations are expected to commit to hybrid work, which refers to a combination of days with face-to-face activities and others of work at home.

Following the trend, Apple announced that on May 23 workers will have to return to the offices at least three days a week: Monday Tuesday and Thursday. Where before the company required employees to attend once a week.

The trail of home office It will remain on Wednesday and Friday where employees will be able to work from the office or at home, as they decide. Finally, workers will only be able to work remotely for 4 weeks a year.

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Flexibility and active listening to collaborators, the key to a successful work model; Apple chooses hybridity and leaves behind home office

Many companies in the world are returning to their face-to-face functions in a hybrid way. This, despite the fact that various studies have shown that remote work works.

Post-pandemic workers who tried an efficient remote work model are willing to quit if the 100 percent face-to-face model is resumedindicate data from a study prepared by Comunal Coworking.

Also, survey data EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey they assure that employee well-being and satisfaction are paramount in organizations because “most employees are willing to leave their current job if they are not offered the flexibility they want, and millenials are twice as likely to quit than baby boomers”.

Employees have become critical of work models and flexibility, so much so that 82 percent of employees currently want a voice, flexibility, and new post-pandemic office designs.

In this sense, Ian Goodfellow, Director of Machine Learning at Apple, known for his work in neural, artificial and deep learning networks, gave a lesson on the importance of flexibility to one of the largest technology companies in the world and one of the most most benefited during the pandemic.

With the implementation of hybrid work, Apple lags behind the trends that Meta or Google are following: flexibility and home office.

Although remote work is a great option, it has great disadvantages such as detachment from the team. In 2021, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said that video calls are not capable of replacing the direct contact of face-to-face work.

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