Apple has invited to an event on September 14th and will again be showing many new products. There should be several events in autumn and if you want, you can watch the live stream at 7 p.m. German time, as always.

But what does Apple have planned for the coming week? There is a lot going on for the second half of the year, although we won’t see everything in September. So I tried to analyze the rumors of the last few weeks in more detail.


Please do not rely on this statement, it is a mixture of speculation and rumors. That’s why I split it up into three categories. Firstly products that are considered safe, then as possible and then as unlikely.

Apple Event: Preview als Video

Apple Event: Pretty sure

  • Apple iPhone 13 (Pro): The new iPhones will come back this year as usual in September and there will be four models again. It’s probably the last year for the mini and the highlights should be an optimized camera and 120 Hz for the Pro models.
  • Apple Watch Series 7: The new Apple Watch will get a new design, but there will probably be more major innovations again from 2022. Allegedly there are still production problems, so it can be assumed that the new Apple Watch will be limited in availability at the beginning.

Apple Event: Quite possible

  • Apple AirPods 3: The third generation of AirPods is coming up and is based on the Pro model, only without silicone attachments and ANC. I would be pretty sure that we will see them at the event because they go perfectly with the iPhones.
  • Apple iPad mini 6: The iPad mini should get a big upgrade this year and become a compact iPad Air 2020. But I could also well imagine that the iPads won’t be on display at this event yet, because …
  • Apple iPad 8 (2021): … two new models are planned and the normal iPad should also get a revised design (like the iPad Air 2019). Two major upgrades for the iPads could get too much attention, which Apple actually doesn’t like on iPhone keynotes.

Apple Event: Rather unlikely

  • MacBook Pro: There is a completely new MacBook Pro in the room for the end of 2021, but it will be such a big upgrade that Apple is sure to treat this model to its own event. My guess is a Mac event in October …
  • Mac mini: … on which we will also see the new Mac mini. The current Mac mini is already available with an M-Chip, but a version is to come that offers more power, something like a Mac mini Pro.

Apple Event: What else?

A large iMac will probably not come until 2022, the Apple TV has only just been updated, the Mac Pro will probably not come until 2022 and the iPad Pro was already on the line this year. We may not even see AirPods Pro again until 2023 and another display from Apple would be more for the Mac event.

There are also signs of new MagSafe accessories and then, as always, there will be new iPhone cases and straps for the Apple Watch. There are currently no signs of a new HomePod and the AirPods Max will certainly stay in this form in the portfolio for a while – maybe there will be new colors at some point.

Services now play a major role at Apple, so you will certainly install a few updates here and there such as trailers and Fitness + should get better, but it doesn’t matter for Germany anyway. There are currently no signs of a completely new service, but Apple has enough to do with the existing ones for the time being.

There is no sign of a big surprise, but it is always possible. For example, a preview for smart glasses that should come in 2022 or 2023. But I do not expect that at an iPhone event, because as I said: This is still the most important product and should get the full attention.


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