Apple develops screens adapted to the folding iPhone

PostedMay 11, 2022, 9:23 AM

The apple firm is working on thinner OLED panels without a polarization layer.

Rumors surrounding the launch of a iPhone folder have been coming back regularly for several years. The latest tends to confirm thatApple is still interested in technologies that can make it possible to launch such a smartphone format. According to South Korean media The Elec, Apple has started the development of an OLED panel which has the particularity of not integrating a polarizing layer, a technology which allows light to pass in certain directions in order to improve visibility. Such a screen would be thinner than traditional smartphone screens. This should allow Apple to use it for a hypothetical folding iPhone.

The firm at the apple is not a precursor in the field. Samsung has already used an OLED panel without a polarizing film developed by its subsidiary Samsung Display to integrate it into one of its folding smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. On the screen in question, the polarizing layer has been replaced by a color filter on the encapsulated thin film, to which is added a layer of black pixels. This increases brightness by 33% while reducing energy consumption by 25%.



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