Apple could launch an iPad with an OLED display in 2024

January 11, 2022 –
Allegedly, Apple is working with Samsung to develop and produce OLED displays for Apple’s iPad line. The tablets equipped with it should then come onto the market in 2024.

Last year, Apple and Samsung apparently worked together to produce OLED displays for Apple’s iPads. As a report by “The Elec” says, the cooperation is said to have been discontinued in the third quarter of 2021 because the project was too expensive for Samsung (via “Macrumors”). Now the collaboration between Apple and Samsung should go into the second round and the Korean technology group should be able to finalize the budget for the project in the second quarter if Apple places a sufficiently large order for the OLED displays.

It is expected that Samsung will be able to procure the equipment necessary for the production of the displays and start production in 2023. According to “The Elec”, a new iPad model (the iPad 9 in the picture) with an OLED display would then come onto the market in 2024. Until Apple makes an official announcement, this report should be viewed with caution. (luc)



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