Apple Business Essentials for SMEs is launched

13. November 2021 –
Apple Business Essentials was designed for SMEs with up to 500 users. The service package is available from $ 3 per month per user and includes device management, support and storage space.

Apple Business Essentials is the name of a new service package for SMEs that the iPhone manufacturer has now launched in a beta version. The package includes device management, 24/7 support and cloud storage, all for a fixed monthly price. The target is SMEs with up to 500 employees.

The new service is intended to support companies throughout the entire device lifecycle: from setup and onboarding new employees to device upgrades. To this end, Apple wants to guarantee security and provide prioritized support as well as secure storage and backup options.

Collections, in which IT managers configure the settings and apps for individual users, user groups or specific devices, play an important role in Apple Business Essentials. If you now log into the company network, settings such as VPN configurations or WLAN passwords are automatically delivered via Collections. For this purpose, a dedicated Apple Business Essentials app is installed, which can be used to load additional apps.

The SME offer is currently only available in the USA as a beta version that can be used free of charge. Prices then start at $ 3 per device and user, including one device and 50 GB of storage space. For just under 7 dollars, up to 3 devices can be managed per user and the memory has reached the end of the flagpole at 200 GB. For around 13 dollars there is finally 2 TB of storage for three devices per user. Apple Business Essentials will generally be launched in spring 2022. It is not known whether the offer will then be available in all markets at the same time. (rd)

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