Apple brings Facebook boss Zuckerberg to white heat

With new features for iOS, Safari and Siri, the iPhone group is putting the rod in the window of the “data octopus”.

Apple has been promoting data protection for years and wants to stand out from competitors such as Facebook, Amazon or Google. Most recently, iOS 14.5 for iPhones ensured that users can effectively prevent annoying advertising tracking. At the WWDC 2021 developer conference, Apple boss Tim Cook (picture) and his team went one step further. For example, the e-mail app will in future prevent monitoring programs from being able to determine whether someone has opened an e-mail or not.

Protests really spurred Apple on

With his foray into data protection, Cook steers the iPhone company on a collision course with large Internet companies, especially Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s empire thrives on collecting data about people in order to be able to deliver targeted advertising. But the protests and warnings from Facebook (including Instagram) and from the advertising industry did not induce Apple to give in, on the contrary. With its latest developments, Apple should bring the Facebook boss to white heat.


Apple brings Facebook boss to white heat

Tim Cook put privacy first at WWDC 2021.

Safari with VPN function

In the future, the Apple browser Safari will be able to hide its own technical address on the web. And if you want to shield all network connections in your apps, you can use the “private relay” function in the future. It is part of a new iCloud + subscription.

Similar to a so-called VPN, the user is anonymized when he moves around the network with a private relay. In contrast to a classic VPN service (“Virtual Private Network”), however, customers cannot select a virtual location, for example in order to be able to watch streaming content from Germany that is actually reserved for viewers in the USA.

Data stays on the devices

Even with the increased use of artificial intelligence, which Apple is promoting across all product groups, data protection is in the foreground. Because, as a rule, with machine learning a la Apple, data is not transmitted to any server, but processed locally on the devices. The Siri voice assistant now also works “offline”. The iOS 15 announced on Monday can also read text in photos, and automatic translation into other languages ​​will be possible on the devices.

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