Apple brings external Magsafe battery – more expensive than the competition

After various third-party manufacturers have already brought a similar external Magsafe battery onto the market, Apple is now following suit. However, there are still some questions left unanswered.

Out of nowhere, Apple presented new accessories on its website yesterday evening, including new colors for the Airtag trailers and a new magnetic power bank for the iPhone 12 generation. The external Magsafe battery, as Apple calls it, only comes in one color (white) and also costs 109 euros or the like.

The competition has already shown that this is also much cheaper. At the beginning of May we extensively tested the PowerCore Magnetic 5K magnetic power bank from Anker. The special thing about it: The anchor alternative costs just a third of the external Magsafe battery from Apple.

Anker Power Core Magnetic 5K Wireless for 35.99 euros on Amazon

Apple writes about its new battery: “The external Magsafe battery charges even faster when you combine it with a 27W charger or faster – like the one from the Macbook. And if you need a wireless charger, just connect it to a Lightning cable for wireless Charge with up to 15W. ” The corresponding cables are of course not included in the scope of delivery and must be purchased separately if required. Depending on the cable and adapter, you pay up to 25 euros on top, so theoretically you have to pay 159 euros for the cable, adapter and the actual Magsafe battery together.

In addition, it is not known how big the rechargeable battery of the external Magsafe battery is and for how many charges, depending on the iPhone 12 model, the capacity is sufficient. The external Magsafe battery will be available from July 21st.

Our opinion:

Even if we haven’t been able to test Apple’s latest accessories, the question arises as to whether Apple is not a little late with it and also charges a price that is far too high compared to the competition.


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