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In many of the more than 300 American Apple branches, the employees of the iPhone group yearn for unionized employee representation and have communicated this wish to the outside world so clearly in recent months that Apple has actively opposed the union efforts of its employees.

language rules and lobbyists

The branch managers active in the United States were given language rules with which they should argue against the establishment of unions. At the political level, Apple has brought paid lobbyists into the field.

Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with exhausting corona regulations, comparatively poor pay and company management that only seemed to address the wishes of its own employees at a snail’s pace was growing among the staff in the branch stores.

Three Apple branches in Atlanta, Maryland and New York, in which the establishment of a local employee union seemed to have progressed furthest, were observed with corresponding excitement.

New York reported the first incidents

The first incidents were reported from New York in the week before last. Apple is said to have engaged in active “union busting” and sabotaged the establishment of employee representation. Among other things, Apple would have held “anti-union lectures with compulsory attendance”. Behavior that was reported on the spot.

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The union efforts of Apple employees in Atlanta seem to be proving to be just as difficult. A vote on the establishment of an employee representation should have taken place this week, but has now been postponed.

In addition to active Covid diseases among those entitled to vote, the organizers also state that they were intimidated by Apple. According to the American CWA, one of the largest unions in the United States, which supports Apple Store employees in their activities:

“An overwhelming majority of Cumberland Mall Store workers announced in April that they would form a union and sought recognition from the company. Since then, Apple has run a systematic, sophisticated campaign to intimidate them and interfere with their right to form a union. Conduct that violates US law, Apple’s Creed principles and Seller Code of Conduct, and international human rights law.”



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