Appearance vs. Sex: This is how Ballermann really works

Ballermann look against sex

“Jump in the box with me and I’ll make you a star”

It is not surprising that Ballermann can get rough in Mallorca. German Ballermann singers now report on the harassment that the female stars really have to face.

Behind the beer-like and cheerful screens of Ballermann, it’s about power, sex and money. In Mallorca, DJs, managers and club owners are at the top of the food chain and they seem to take advantage of this shamelessly. Especially against women. “The Ballermann is sexist,” accuses party singer Marion Pfaff alias Krümel (49) in the “image”.

“I had to listen to myself: ‘If you don’t blow me, then I won’t play your song’. Or: ‘I’ll make you a star if you jump in the box with me’.”



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