App to buy dollars in CADECA is already in the testing phase

Buying dollars from the Exchange Houses (CADECA) is what many want because the government rate is lower than the informal market. However, since the inception of this service, it has been impossible for many to achieve such a goal.Huge queues, scalpers and insufficient amounts of dollars for sale became a real headache.

To alleviate this situation somewhat, a working group from the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas in collaboration with the military company XETID has developed an application. Its name is Ticket, and it also has a website.

It is an online reservation system that can be used for various services, such as restaurants, hairdressers or government paperwork offices.

Ticket started a test phase in Santa Clara on Monday this week, precisely with CADECA, to try to organize the queues and the purchase of dollars. It was announced by its creators on Facebook.

“From November 21, the ‘Recanje’ service (purchase of foreign currency) will be activated at the “CADECA Santa Clara” company. From that moment, our users will be able to enter the waiting room of the service. On November 24, attention will begin at the institution with the tickets that have been granted.

An application to buy dollars in Cuba

To book an appointment to buy dollars, the first thing to do is to register on the platform with your name and identity card number. Then choose the service you want to book and the day. If there is availability, the time is indicated and the appointment is confirmed.

If the demand for the service exceeds the supply, the “virtual waiting room” is activated. Turns are automatically granted according to the order in which people made the request.

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Users making the reservation must go to CADECA with their identity card on the date and time set. Each ticket is personal and non-transferable, although during booking it is allowed to declare three beneficiaries, who are the only ones authorized to use the shift.

In the networks, some Internet users have noticed that with the application they avoid days correcting queues at CADECA. Others, on the other hand, believe that only the physical queue has been exchanged for a virtual one, but the long wait will continue.

According to the developers, the idea is to test the system, to later expand it to the entire country. So far, there are thousands of customers in the virtual waiting room of the CADECA business in Santa Clara.



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