APFELPLAUSCH: Our tops and flops from Apple 2021! – What were yours?

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The year is coming to an end and you are listening to a New Year’s Eve edition of Apple Fun. There was AirPods 3 to win and we not only drew the winner, but also had an interesting chat with him. Afterwards we looked back a little bit to the Apple year 2021. Welcome to episode 221.

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The topics today

  • 00:00:00: Intro and AirPods competition resolution
  • 00:07:30: Listener part: We talk to Christian R. about Apple’s gaps in the market
  • 00:31:45: Our Apple FLOPS 2021: Lukas and Roman each introduce you to their product
  • 00:58:30: Our Apple TOPS 2021: Lukas and Roman each introduce you to their product

Sponsor: Marmelade Cat Skins

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Our 2021 year review in conversation

Another year around, not quite as we’d all hoped. In this program we are not talking about the latest developments in the Apple universe, apart from the fact that there is currently not that much to report. Instead, we are first of all resolving our competition: We raffled the AirPods 3 and we drew the winner.

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We had coupled the competition with an invitation to the apple chat and a topic of your choice, we are now talking to Christian about Apple’s marketing and the question of why certain Apple products simply don’t exist.

The Apple year in tops and flops

And then Lukas and I talked a little more about how we experienced the Apple year, specifically about our personal tops and flops in 2021. And I can already reveal that much: We were able to understand each other’s choices quite well. I wish you all a happy new year and a successful start into 2022!

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