Apex Legends: Two well-known cards return in the collecting event

Respawn Entertainment is supplying Apex Legends again and announcing the next collection event. In this, two well-known cards also return.

With “Genesis” the next collecting event in the battle royale hit Apex Legends is in the starting blocks. As Respawn Entertainment confirmed today, it will begin on June 29th and will continue until July 13th.

The focus of the collective event is the return of the two original maps “King’s Gorge” (including Skull City) and “Edge of the World”. Skull City is also available as an arena map during the event. You can also unlock a total of 24 new cosmetic objects.

The activities of the event are indicated as follows:

  • The original maps of “Königsschlucht” and “Rand der Welt” are back: “Königsschlucht” from season 0 and “edge of the world” from season 3 return for a short time instead of the normal trios and duos cards in one-hour rotations. Players can celebrate victories on these legendary maps, jump over Skull City in the King’s Gorge, collect loot on the moving train as it speeds through Capitol City before the planetary harvester lands in the Edge of the World and experience epic battles with multiple teams in the fuel depot.
  • “Skull City” celebrates its debut in arenas: Skull City will be added to the Arena map rotation during the Genesis Collection Event at one hour intervals. Players can circle around the towers as Valkyrie and Pathfinder or cause chaos with Caustic and Wattson on the ground, as this location offers numerous tactical possibilities.
  • Reward series: The Genesis Collecting Event features a series of rewards with new cosmetic items such as legendary electric rifle and EVA-8 weapon skins. In addition, players with daily changing challenges can collect up to 1,600 points daily during the event. There will be stretch challenges with four unique plaques if completed during the event. Genesis is also introducing a new set of 24 themed limited-time cosmetic items available as direct purchases (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and in Genesis Event Apex Packs during the event. If you collect all 24 event objects, you will unlock the Revenant Heirloom Set.
  • Legend Balance Updates: The legends Octane, Revenant, Lifeline, Bloodhound and Wattson get updates.
  • Waffen-Balance-Updates: The Spitfire, the 30-30 Repeater and the Longbow receive balance updates on all playing fields.
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Apex Legends is available for free on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Apex Legends – Genesis Sammel-Event Trailer

A new collection event has started in the battle royale hit Apex Legends.



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