Apéro TrashTalk – the great preview of the Free Agency!

Who says huge Free Agency evening says huge aperitif to give you the official teaser. You didn’t know what to do tonight? Don’t say thank you but we just found you the idea of ​​the century. 72 hours before the start of this 2022 transfer market, send the BIG Aperitif TrashTalk!

Free agents such as Jalen Brunson, Bradley Beal, Miles Bridges or even Deandre Ayton… but not only. The Free Agency is one of the events of the year in the NBA, and during this magical evening there are many players who will have to pack their bags quickly, we are talking about those who had not had the opportunity to prepare for their move and who will learn of it while they are quietly having a soy steak at the local restaurant. Hone your weapons for next season or prepare quietly not to be consecutive, here we are talking about the Kings and the Knicks in particular, in short an unmissable evening where dozens of things are happening. In the meantime, we’re concocting a little onion program for you, we started by sending you a combo concerning the best players available position by position (here for example), and this giant teaser is accompanied this evening by an Aperitif 90-minute TrashTalk XXL to find out all about what’s going on in the Great League offices.

Bastien, Alex, a sofa, a wooded decoration, a tapestry, a deer’s head… and fine analysis. Come on, aperitif for everyone, and let it jump!

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