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An extremely high number of cases in Carinthia: The Federal Criminal Police Office warns of fraudsters who promise high lottery winnings. The perpetrators contact the victims on a foreign telephone number.

7:51 a.m., August 10, 2021

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There is currently an increasing number of calls by fraudsters who claim high sums of money as a profit from a so-called “Euro-Lotto” – Lottery promise if money for transport and notary is transferred in return. “If you have not actively participated in a lottery, it can only be fraud!”, Say the police.

That Federal Criminal Police Office warns of fraudsters, that promise high lottery winnings. The perpetrators take under one foreign phone number (mostly with the area code + 49…. for Germany and + 44…. for Great Britain) contact the victims and inform them that they had won 49,900 euros in the “Euro Lotto”. For the payment of the winnings, 1000 euros have to be advanced in advance for transport and notary. For this purpose, the victims are asked to purchase Bitpanda vouchers at the nearest post office and to give the codes listed on them by telephone.


The police hold:

  • If you haven’t entered a lottery, you can’t have won anything.
  • Never spend money to claim a supposed profit. Don’t pay any fees.
  • If you are affected by this or similar fraudulent activities or if you have any questions about them, the specialists are at your disposal Crime prevention specialists are available free of charge throughout Austria on 059133.

You can also find more information on common scams here.

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