Anyone can now create augmented reality filters for TikTok

The social network has opened the beta of its Effect House service to everyone, which allows you to create filters to apply to videos. A way for TikTok to engage its users and create memes, but also not to lose ground in the competitive augmented reality market.

The beta was first open to a few content creators, but now anyone can create their own filters on TikTok’s Effect House service. The numbers were already impressive: for 450 people who had created filters, they had been used on 1.5 billion videos for 600 billion views in total. With such an active community, TikTok hopes to be able to stand up to Snap and Meta.

A tool that wants to be accessible, even for novices

Even if the tool is available to everyone, the barrier of knowledge required to create filters in augmented reality could put off more than one. That’s why TikTok wanted to make Effect House as easy to use as possible. First by offering ready-made models that the user can modify as they wish so as not to have to start from scratch, but also by having a complete guide which details each function and offers tutorials.

To amplify this idea of ​​community, TikTok has even created a specialized Discord which already has more than 2,000 members.

Some restrictions already in place

To avoid drifts, TikTok has already announced some rules to follow for the creation of filters in addition to the rules of the application: “We don’t allow effects that promote colorism or negative stereotyping, or effects that depict cosmetic surgery like lip augmentation, or that encourage criticism of appearance.”

Rules that echo the various controversies that have targeted TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. Filters that promised to make their users more beautiful tended to slim them down and brighten their skin. Far from being entertaining, they gave them complexes and harmed their mental health. A term had even been created: “Snapchat dysmorphia”.

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Augmented reality, a competitive market

If TikTok is becoming more aggressive on the massive creation of augmented reality filters, it is to be able to compete with Snap. The latter launched its Lens Studio platform to create filters (Lenses) and presents figures that have cause for concern for TikTok: 250,000 people have created 2.5 million Lenses for 3.5 trillion views. Indeed, Snap is betting everything on augmented reality, to the point of having designed specialized glasses.



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