The group will manage before authorities that in the appointments of psychophysical examinations priority is given to the first categories that will expire.

In response to the concerns of its partner companies with the new extension of validity to federal motor transport licenses, the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP) will manage before the Ministry of Communications and Transport (SCT) and the General Directorate of Protection and Preventive Medicine in Transportation (DGPMPT) than to obtain psychophysical exam appointments priority of attention is given to the first categories to expire.

And is that the new agreement published by the agency headed by Jorge Arganis Díaz Leal, practically divide the times into three segments on which federal licenses will expire:

  • The August, 31, the international licenses that allow operation within the United States and Canada.
  • The 31 October, category A and E licenses.
  • The December 31st, type B, C, D and F licenses.

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In this context, Daniel Montañez, ANTP’s Logistics and Distribution Manager, pointed out that there is no differentiation between the categories when requesting an appointment with the SCT Medical Units or Authorized Third Parties; that is, if a user of these services has an international license and needs an appointment soon, these can be exhausted by other applicants for other categories.

“Although it is true, I believe that the intention is good to recover that validity in the licenses, I also believe that this support is needed from the authority, so that the Medical Units really attend to this type of license that is expiring”He commented during the weekly ANTP Live program.

Montañez Nava recalled that obtaining the medical qualification in the psychophysical examinations is a procedure prior to the issuance or renewal of licenses and that, however, has not shown the same ability of attention.

In fact, he highlighted that in terms of training certificates – another of the requirements for licensing procedures – the SCT has had the capacity to attend to in time and form For those interested.

“The issue of the medical examination to obtain medical clearance has been a very problematic issue in recent months, because the year before last they were Authorized Third Parties closed and only the Medical Units of the SCT remained ”, he pointed out.

For her part, Patricia Vizcaya, Legal and Regulatory Director of the ANTP, commented that their associates even report problems with the Appointments for Authorized Third Parties, which came into operation last May.

We have meetings with Preventive Medicine where we ask to speed up these Third Parties, to have more appointments in each entity to have these records, ”he shared.

Likewise, he stressed that the ANTP will insist that the processes be given equity so that, initially, the international categories, A and, especially at E, which will expire faster.

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He specified that since before the extension was established, the ANTP asked the authorities to be equitable and all categories have an extension until the end of the year; However, now that the agreement is published, they will ask priority in the procedures before the DGPMPT.