Antony Starr in Lima: What left the presentation of 'Homelander' in Peru Comic Con 2023

Antony Starr in Lima: What left the presentation of 'Homelander' in Peru Comic Con 2023

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The protagonist of ‘The Boys’ had a warm meeting with his Peruvian followers during the first edition of the Peru Comic Con.

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New Zealand actor Antony Starr, who became famous for giving life to the villain Homelander in the series ‘The Boys’, set foot on Peruvian soil to participate in the Peru Comic Con 2023 last April 30 during a meeting with his followers that took place at Arena 1 in the San Miguel district.

It was almost 6 pm when Starr, after taking pictures with his fans, took the stage. There, under the watchful eye of his visitors, she thanked those who expressed their support and affection for him, and told how Donald Trump and Superman served as inspiration to give Homelander a unique personality.

the character of Antony Starrknown as Avenger in Latin America, is far from being a virtuous superhero in ‘The Boys‘. His corrupt and vain spirit makes him an antagonist, who will be fought by agent Billy Butcher (Karl Urban).

Antony Starr: What superpowers would you like to have?

Contrary to his character in “The Boys“, Antony Starr is simple, friendly with his audience and open to recounting details of his profession. And his hobbies, of course. Because in the Peru Comic Con 2023stated that Thanos, the villain of the Avengers, is one of his favorite characters.

“Josh Brolin is a tremendous actor,” said the interpreter, surrounded by some panelists. Also, he made a joke about the superpowers that he would like to possess. “I’d love to fly, you can do whatever and then fly away. Also, I’d like to make the parking lots disappear, I have too many tickets,” he said.

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Finally, in closing his presentation, Antony Starr He was photographed with those attending the meeting. The New Zealand star will participate in this event on May 1st.

Michal Rosenbaum at Peru Comic Con 2023

In addition to Antony Starrthere is another international guest who appeared on April 27 and will repeat the dish this May 1 at the Peru Comic Con 2023. This is the American actor Michael Rosenbaum, known for playing the villain Lex Luthor in the series ‘Smallville‘, based on the story of DC’s most iconic superhero, Superman.

Rosenbaum was also part of the cast of productions such as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’, ‘Bringing Down The House’, ‘Sweet November’, ‘Sorority Boys’, ‘Urban Legends’, among many others. His voice gave life to Flash in the animated series ‘Justice League’, in which he also played other characters.

Antony Starras is remembered, achieved great popularity thanks to ‘The Boys‘, but before that he had participated in other projects, such as ‘Banshee’, ‘American Gothic’, ‘Lowdown’, ‘Tricky Business’, ‘Rush’, ‘Outrageous Fortune’, or his performances in the films ‘Bliss’, ‘ Spies and Lies’, ‘No.2’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, among others.

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