António Costa: “Madeira is always a difficult region for political activity” – News

“I know that Madeira is always a difficult region for political activity, but the truth is that the PS’s capacity to assert itself at the level of local power is what has allowed it to be strengthened at the regional level”, he declared, underlining that the party prides itself on “really” believing in decentralization.

António Costa was speaking at the presentation of Célia Pessegueiro’s candidacy for the Ponta do Sol City Council, in the west of Madeira Island, which is running for a second term in this year’s local elections.

“The PS is proud to be the Government of the Republic, but it prides itself above all on being the government of hundreds of parish councils across the country, in hundreds of municipalities across the country, and of being since 2013 the largest party of democratic local power “, said.

The secretary general of the Socialist Party, who is also prime minister, indicated that local authorities will be one of the “engines” of Portugal’s economic recovery, given the pandemic crisis,

“It is not possible to implement the entire new generation of housing policy without being through local authorities; it is not possible to invest in more sustainable mobility, which makes it possible to combat climate change, other than through our mayors; it is not possible to take advantage of the full potential that the tools of the digital society provide without our mayors”, he declared.

António Costa underlined the PS’s commitment to decentralization, noting that there is no “good centralism” when it comes to local or regional elections.

“There are parties that don’t like regional autonomies, there are others that only like regional autonomies, but hate the autonomy of local power. We like all autonomy: the autonomous regions, the municipalities, the parishes”, he said.

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The socialist leader also highlighted the party’s commitment to “realizing the principle of parity” and praised the fact that the regional structure of Madeira presents six women as the head of the list for local elections, in a total of 11 municipalities that make up the autonomous region.

Célia Pessegueiro, the socialist candidate for the Ponta do Sol Chamber, was the first woman to be elected Mayor in Madeira, in 2017.

“Let’s make the next municipal elections a new opportunity to deepen this work that creates opportunities for everyone, that works with everyone, and even places us as one of the five best small-sized councils in the country with the best financial performance”, said the candidate.

Assessing the current mandate, Célia Pessegueiro highlighted investments in areas such as education, the modernization of services, the creation of a shop for the citizen and the preservation of heritage, stressing that her project for Ponta do Sol seemed impossible, but that it ended. for giving results.

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