Antonella Mosetti against Aldo Montano / “Wonderful? Only I really know who you are …”

In the third episode of Big Brother Vip Aldo Montano he received the surprise of his sister Alessandra, to whom he is very attached. “You made us move, everyone follows you with wonderful esteem and the values ​​you transmit inside the house are wonderful”Said the elder sister of the fencer. When Alfonso Signorini asked her who her brother is Aldo, Alessandra Montano replied: “He was a wonderful brother. I am the oldest but I have always been protected by him who is the smallest“. In front of the TV, watching the moving meeting of the Montano brothers, there was also Antonella Mosetti, the champion’s historic ex-girlfriend. The showgirl, after hearing the words of Aldo’s sister, left an ambiguous comment on Instagram: “Only I really know who you are… A wonderful person ‘now’! Also thanks to me“. These are the words of Mosetti who seems to insinuate that at the time of their long relationship, which lasted 7 years, Montano was not so much “marvelous”.

Aldo Montano and Antonella Mosetti: “Nothing important”

In a recent interview with Corriere della Sera, Aldo Montano he talked about his past relationship with Antonella Mosetti, with tones that are not exactly tender. “I was going crazy“, The showgirl once said of him, a comment that Aldo Montano did not seem to share on the pages of the newspaper:”God, did I drive her crazy? I didn’t build anything important with her. We have been together for 7 years, but the idea of ​​the family did not form. And when you start to lose the pieces, everything falls apart“. On that occasion the fencer had also taken stock of his relationship with Manuela Arcuri, lasting three years: “In a phase of life various positive components came together: “Manuelona” was one of these. In a relationship, you put aside the bad parts and keep only the good ones. But I don’t remember any big quarrels”.

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