Antivaccine, he is delighted to have the Covid and dies from it

These fates could be a promotion for vaccination, if the end was not so dramatic. The cases of personalities campaigning against the anti-Covid vaccine and who subsequently die of the epidemic are increasing. Example in the United Kingdom, where Leslie Lawrenson succumbed to the virus, after having multiplied anti-vaccine positions over the weeks.

The 58-year-old man even said he was “happy to have the Covid”, in order to “develop natural immunity”. Whoever published a video on Facebook every day to denounce “the lies” of health professionals about a disease that would be “a simple flu” had all the same admitted having spent “24 horrible hours”. He explained that he had to stay six hours in the fetal position. But the result was even worse, until her son found his body lifeless on July 2.

“He paid the ultimate price”

Since then, the family of the deceased, who paid a heavy price (Editor’s note: his contaminated wife was also hospitalized in serious condition), relates the beginnings of the tragedy. Convinced that the vaccine would cause more deaths than the disease itself, the man let himself be taken in on YouTube and social networks. “My husband made a terrible mistake and paid the ultimate price,” summed up his wife.

He is not the only one to have been caught by reality. A pro-Trump American radio host also died of Covid-19, after using his media platform to urge the population not to be vaccinated.

Dick Farrell had made a name for himself by calling Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House’s anti-Covid adviser, a “monster” and a “liar”. Contaminated by the Delta variant, the 65-year-old man spent three weeks in the hospital before making his mea culpa by inviting his family to be vaccinated. He finally died a few days later.

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