The entrepreneur, who then refused to enter the house, will walk through the red door in a few days

Tomorrow the GF VIP 6 and among the competitors there will also be Gianmaria Antinolfi, known to have been the Belen Rodriguez’s boyfriend.

A few days after his entry, he was the reporter Gabriele Parpiglia – in the ‘Waiting for Casa Chi’ section – to give some scoop regarding Antinolfi.

Antinolfi has not participated in any television program, but she has known her popularity in the gossip newspapers, because she is the ex of Belen Rodriguez. But be careful, because the entrepreneur has not only breached the heart of Belen, but also of other beautiful showgirls, but we will not name the names now but we will do them in the course of the program, in the course of Chi House.

But that’s not all, why Weather in Parpiglia in addition to disclosing that Gianmaria broke into the hearts of others showgirl, gave another scoop. Apparently the entrepreneur had been contacted last year to take part in the reality show instead of another person, that is Andrea Zenga:

Last year Antinolfi had been contacted to enter the race Big Brother. In whose place? from Andrea Zenga. Ma Antinolfi last year he refused, while this year he is ready to enter.

Also, the Chi post related to Antinolfi was also commented with a laugh by another future gieffina, that is Soleil Rises:

Right in between Soleil e Gianmaria some time ago it was assumed a approach, which at the time was neither denied nor confirmed.

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