Anticipations A life: LOLITA gravely ill. Gonna die?

It won’t be just her husband’s betrayal Antonito Palacios (Alvaro Quintana) with the young woman Natalia Quesada (Astrid Janer) to worry Lolita (Rebeca Alemany) in the next Italian episodes from A life. The shopkeeper will in fact also have to deal with the strange disease that has already been gripping her for several weeks, so much so that at a certain point she will seem one step away from death …

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Una Vita, news: Lolita discovers that Antonito has betrayed her and feels bad

the advances report that this dramatic storyline will start when, thanks to a clever ruse, the shady Aurelio (Carlos de Austria) will ensure that Lolita can return to the house just as Antonito is about to make love with Natalia. Obviously, the woman will suffer a big shock as soon as she sees this scene, but she will not be able to react because she will be seized by an illness and her hospitalization will be necessary.

At that point, the doctors will do a thorough analysis and will discover that the young Mrs Palacios suffers from a particular blood disorder, considered incurable for the period. Needless to say, the news will throw Antonito into utter despair who, already in the throes of guilt for having betrayed her, will want to consult the best specialists to find out if there is only one chance for his wife to save himself. Also because otherwise, at least according to the doctors, Lolita would die within a few weeks …

A Life, plots: Antonito consults Doctor Ramos

Driven by the desire to do everything possible to save her, Antonito will begin to inquire about Lolita’s state of health and will learn that in Germany they are treating people who suffer from the same disease as his beloved with a completely experimental technique. The Palacios will take care to keep his research hidden, since in the meantime Lolita will have been discharged and will ignore how serious her situation is; Antonito, in fact, will have asked his father Ramon (Juanma Navas) ea Carmen (Maria Blanco) to lie to Lolita about her illness to make her believe that, soon, she will be completely cured.

As the days go by, Antonito will then be able to get in touch with Doctor Ramos, who will tell him that unfortunately there is nothing to be done for Lolita. In short, even this track will turn out to be a complete hole in the water, but the “cheating” husband, also thrown out of the house by his wife, will not want to know how to surrender. However, the worst will come when Lolita collects all the pieces of the puzzle and deduces the truth …

Una Vita, spoiler: Lolita resigns herself to the idea of ​​having to die!

Oh yes: thanks to too many gossip comments Rosina (Sandra Marchena), who will ask her who was the mysterious Ramos arrived from the Palacios, Lolita will understand that Carmen took her with an excuse to the cinema to move her away from home and, noting that her ailments have never ceased since the day of her resignation, he will confront his relatives hard-nosed and reveal to them that he has understood that he is close to death and that he wants to focus only on the little one Moncho for what she has left to live. But will Lolita really be destined to die or will a twist upset the cards on the table again?


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