Anti-vaxx protesters storm Covid test site, remove vital equipment in shocking scenes

ANTI-VAX protesters stormed a Covid testing and tracing site and REMOVED vital equipment.

Shocking footage shows hundreds of unmasked protesters descending on the tent site in Milton Keynes.

A protester took test material from a test and tracing center in Milton KeynesCredit: LNP
A man shot cones at the entrance to the centerCredit: LNP
UK faces shortage of PCR and lateral flow testing
UK faces shortage of PCR and lateral flow testingCredit: LNP

While waving signs and shouting chants such as “Boris lied”, a man is seen picking up orange cones and pulling them at the entrance to the center.

Stressed security guards are seen walking around in high-visibility vests while talking into walkie-talkies as members of the crowd film and heckle them.

A protester in a megaphone is heard telling the crowd to “keep calm”, but after a few minutes some of the group entered the testing center.

A woman posed for photos inside the site with a sign reading “Reclaim the NHS, end jabs tyranny now”.

She then collects boxes of test tubes, swabs, and other testing equipment before coming out with a smile on her face.

Covid booster shots protect against Omicron and offer the best chance of weathering the pandemic, health officials have repeatedly said.

The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is helping get vital additional vaccines in the arms of the British to avoid the need for further restrictions.

Today’s protest comes as Britons struggle to get coronavirus tests ahead of New Year’s celebrations.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid blamed the shortage on global supply issues as Omicron forced people to speed up testing.

People have now flocked to the government portal to access the tests, some being disappointed.

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The Health Secretary has revealed that a global shortage of lateral flow and PCR testing is impacting the UK.

He spoke about the situation in a phone call with Tory MP Sir Roger Gale, who added: ‘A UK company that makes them has quadrupled their production line and we are buying the lot and everything we can get. from anywhere else. the world, but we compete in a global market. “

As of this morning, people trying to order sidestream kits for home delivery have been told that there are none available.

There is currently no PCR test available for home delivery and neither is there one for essential workers.

In addition to this, there is currently no availability for drive-in / walk-through sites for PCRs across England.

There are “very few” available in Scotland, none in Northern Ireland – but there is full availability in Wales.

The Sun has contacted Thames Valley Police and the UKHSA for comment.

Protester over megaphone was heard telling crowds to 'keep calm'
Protester over megaphone was heard telling crowds to ‘keep calm’Credit: LNP
Hundreds on the test site
Hundreds on the test siteCredit: LNP

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