Brendan McDermid via Reuters

The IT giant Salesforce offers its employees who wish to leave Texas after the passage of an anti-abortion law.

UNITED STATES – IT giant Salesforce has offered help to its employees who may wish to leave Texas because of the new anti-abortion law in that conservative state, which is causing a lot of outrage in the United States and even a Joe Biden’s government complaint.

“Ohana (‘family’, in Hawaiian, Editor’s note), if you want to move we’ll help you get out of Texas. The choice is yours, ”tweeted Marc Benioff, the group’s boss, with a link to a CNBC article that revealed the information on Friday.

“If you have concerns about access to reproductive health care in your state, Salesforce will help you relocate with your immediate family,” the San Francisco, Calif., Group said in an internal message, posted by the American channel.

Texas has just passed extremely restrictive abortion legislation. It now prohibits abortion once the embryo’s heartbeat is detected, around six weeks pregnant, when most women don’t even know they’re pregnant. The only exception is the medical emergency.

The federal government has filed a complaint against this state to obtain the freezing of the law.

“These are incredibly personal matters, which directly affect many of us – especially women,” Salesforce noted in its post. The specialist in IT services dedicated to customer relations, who did not respond to a request from AFP, did not take an official position, ensuring “respect the different points of view”.

The tech world is getting organized

Other tech companies have taken action in response to this law. Bumble and Match group (Tinder, OkCupid ..), online dating giants headquartered in Texas, will create funds to support women. Uber and Lyft, America’s two leaders in chauffeur-driven car reservations, have announced that they will cover drivers’ legal fees if they are exposed.

The new law encourages the denunciation of illegal abortions and all those involved, including a person who would take a woman to a clinic to terminate her pregnancy.

The online service provider GoDaddy has refused to host the site, set up by the Texas anti-abortion group Right to Life to collect “tips” or denunciations.

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