While the reservists and substitutes of 1. FC Köln were training at Geißbockheim on Monday (November 22, 2021), top striker Anthony Modeste drove to the Mediapark clinic for treatment.

Anthony Modeste got hate messages on Instagram after his tears at 1-1 in Mainz. 1. FC Köln is hoping for a lightning recovery from its striker.

Cologne. He was the tragic figure in the 1-1 draw at 1. FC Köln in Mainz: Anthony Modeste (33) had to be replaced in great pain after a collision with FSV defender Stefan Bell (30) – and also endured disgusting insults !

Steffen Baumgart: “We’ll see how it looks by Saturday”

“Tony Doppelpack” suffered a severe bruise in the pelvis, but gave the all-clear on Instagram: “It goes on. Never give up. Derby next week. Come on FC. “Makes hope for a game on Saturday (November 27, 2021, 3:30 pm) against Borussia Mönchengladbach. The French want to give everything for it!

Steffen Baumgart (49) does not dare to make a prognosis, but appears very skeptical. The FC coach says to EXPRESS.de: “We’ll wait and see. As the blow went, it will be a bruise – an extremely painful one. That is a very modest position. There are points on the body that really hurt. We’ll see how it looks by Saturday. “

Anthony Modeste is at the wheel of his car

Anthony Modeste on Monday (November 22nd, 2021) at Geißbockheim. The goalscorer of 1. FC Köln was injured in the game at 1. FSV Mainz 05 the day before.

On Monday, treatment at the Geißbockheim was announced for Modeste. Then he got into his car – still hobbling and visibly in pain – and drove to the hospital. Licensed player manager Thomas Kessler (35): “We have Tony checked in at the MediaPark Clinic and we don’t assume that it is a structural problem.”

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But even with a bruise it will be a race against time until Saturday! The FC has to watch from day to day. One thing is certain: A Modeste-Aus would be a bitter derby damper. The Frenchman has scored six of Cologne’s last seven competitive matches.

Baumgart is relaxed: “If Tony should be absent, someone else will play – Seb did well in Mainz when he came in. We have to deal with it. ”Sebastian Andersson (30), like Sturm colleague Mark Uth (29), has only scored one league goal.

Anthony Modeste shows hate messages on Instagram

Incredible: In addition to many recovery wishes – including from buddy Marco Höger (“The main thing, you are healthy”) – Modeste also received hateful messages after his tears in Mainz.

Tony published one of these disgusting texts in his Instagram story, the FC star was insulted in the worst possible way. The user was happy about Modeste’s injury and wished the striker the end of his career. “I hope your football life is over, damn boy,” wrote the mob among other things.

Anthony Modeste posts hate messages on Instagram

Anthony Modeste posted these hate messages on his Instagram account (November 21, 2021)

Modeste cannot understand such hatred, answered in big red letters: “How can you be like that?”

Rafael Czichos: “You could have shown red”

Especially after the pictures from Mainz. Modeste was unable to perform after the collision with Bell and had to be removed from the field by Doc Peter Schäferhoff and physio Christian Osebold – the pain was written on his face. Even after the game is over. “Tony limped through the cabin,” said teammate Rafael Czichos (31).

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The defensive boss – unlike coach Baumgart – had no understanding that referee Deniz Aytekin (43) did not pull out the red card for Bell in the 42nd minute. “I saw it from behind. One could very well have shown red. The referee said it again at halftime that it was very tricky. If he had sent him off, nobody would have been able to complain. “

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