With the COVID-19 still hanging around and in full season of colds and flu, it is more important than ever to keep our immune system working effectively to fight germs, viruses and bacteria with which it may come in contact.

In an interview with actress Jennifer Garner, Anthony Fauci, The U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert and direct adviser to the White House, answered your questions about the use of vitamins to stimulate the immune system, to which the specialist suggested two vitamin supplements: vitamins C and D.

About, Fauci argued: “If someone has vitamin D deficiency, that has an impact on your susceptibility to infections The other vitamin that people take is C because it is a good antioxidant, so if people want to take a gram of it, that would be fine. “

However, Fauci did not recommend taking other supplements: “There are several ways to ensure that your body is not deficient in vitamin D. The body produces vitamin D when it is under the sun. Foods like liver, cheese and the egg yolks they also contain vitamin D ”.

Refering to C vitamin, the expert explained that in addition to taking a supplement, you can also eat certain foods such as oranges, tomatoes, strawberries and broccoli. “Besides vitamins C and D, there are other great ways to boost the immune system. To begin with, make sure get enough sleep at night”. In a scientific study, people who slept less than six hours at night they were more likely to catch a cold than people who rested longer.

For its part, the American Psychological Association says that there is a link between mind and the body when it comes to the immune system. Being stressed can make you weak. Therefore, it is a good idea to try Eliminate stress as much as possible. The healthy behaviors like a balanced diet, regular exercise and keeping up with friends can help reduce stress.

Fauci further advised that patients speak with their physician before adding any supplement to diet, as the correct way for one person to strengthen their immune system may be different for another.

Food and covid

In times of covid, keep strong the immune system it became essential. And not only physical activity helps the body but also the feeding. In that sense, experts from the Harvard University warned about the importance of protecting health through good nutrition and revealed what are the five key foods to boost the body’s natural defenses and keep viruses and infections away.

About, Carolina Paula Caligiuri (MN 4.797), a graduate in Nutrition and sports nutritionist, explained to With Wellbeing:The immune system is the body’s natural defense and protection against infectious agents such as, for example, and virus or other foreign elements entering the individual. Once inside, the body takes care of fight and destroy them through natural responses the adaptive”.

For the specialist, a adequate nutritional status contributes significantly to protect against contagion and during recovery associated with any type of inflammatory process, including infection with COVID-19. “It is proven that people with a good nutrition, with an appropriate balance between macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and with adequate bioavailability are less likely to develop severe symptoms of this disease. On the contrary, poor nutritional status leads to higher risk from getting infections. The vitamins and minerals play a very important role in immune defense mechanisms“, Held.

On the other hand, according to Harvard specialists, if you suffer colds O flu states there are often several food that help the body’s defenses to fight disease. “A balanced diet that includes vegetable fruit and others natural products is the best way to provide the immune system with vitamins and minerals that strengthen it, “he explained to the BBC Emma Williams, from the British Nutrition Foundation. The five foods recommended by Harvard to reinforce the immune system They are: yogurt, garlic, cereals, mollusks and citrus fruits.


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