Antauer author book deals with environmental issues

In his latest book, Thomas Sailer tells the story of a Japanese scientist who finds a way to green deserts and thereby stop climate change.

The book gives an insight into the current real climate situation.

Manga art for the world climate

The illustrations allow you to immerse yourself in the intended manga atmosphere, making the environmental topic accessible in an entertaining way, especially for younger readers.

Socio-politically relevant topic

The novel deals with thoughts on climate and environmental protection. Sailer is in favor of sustainable solutions and warns against just fighting the symptoms. Above all, it is important to give nature the necessary space and to accept certain limits for the growth of civilization.

“You don’t necessarily have to be a role model for ecology in order to make a contribution to a healthier environment as an individual,” says Thomas Sailer.

Ten-year history of the novel

Thomas Sailer always felt very close to nature. For more than ten years he has also been intensively involved with environmental protection issues.

The first version of the novel was published in 2012. In 2017, a stylistically revised new edition was created in cooperation with the Burgenland “serendii Verlag”. Finally, in December of last year, the novel was re-released again with elaborate manga-style illustrations.

“From a purely economic point of view, this new edition is very daring. The illustration alone cost me 2,000 euros. Ultimately, this project is about something other than money,” says Sailer. In total, Sailer has already published seven books since 2011. In January 2022 his seventh book “Braking out inflation” was published. A short film was also made from his book “The Prison Island” in 2020.



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