For Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens), teacher unionist Paul Kimberger’s demand for mouth-nose protection for schoolchildren and teachers comes too early from autumn. The Ministry of Education is already working on scenarios for starting school in September, Anschober said. The clubs have to wait for them to open. Many of them are at risk of running out of air.

As far as the corona tests at German borders are concerned, one is in talks with the German Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn – perhaps one can create a common approach. But it will probably not play free tests for vacationers in Austria. There are no plans for this, Anschober said.

Across Austria, the number of people newly infected with the coronavirus has been in the past 24 hours again. As of the morning, 119 people in Austria were affected. The distribution across the country will be more even, said Anschober. Increased regional clusters were expected, it is now important to keep them at bay in order to prevent a second wave.

That’s why Austria tests “as much as never before”. He continues to appeal to all tourism companies to accept the test offer for the employees. Anschober positively emphasized the screening tests in risk areas. In July there were 2,037 tests in slaughterhouses, 33 of them positive, 485 tests and not a single positive result.

Anschober had no good news for the clubs on Tuesday. The minister was still unable to offer them any prospect of unlocking. Evaluate the situation every two weeks. Anschober admitted that these businesses were extremely hard hit economically and that the government had to take care of them.

In any case, the corona crisis could mean the end of many Viennese clubs. At a press conference held by the Vienna Club Commission on Tuesday, several operators raised the alarm. They reaffirmed their demand for 100 percent of the fixed costs to be borne and asked for planning security. Currently, a maximum of 75 percent of the fixed costs are covered.

Vienna’s clubs have been closed for four and a half months due to the corona crisis or have only opened to a very limited extent. “The boxes are silent,” said Stefan Niederwieser of the Vienna Club Commission. No opening is in sight yet. The situation was “dramatic” and “existential”. Many will “run out of air,” he warned.

“We were the first industry to be affected by the closure and we will be the last to open again,” predicted Gregor Imhof from the Sass Music Club on Karlsplatz. “We need planning security,” he said. Most recently, the prospect of relaxation for the night catering and an extension of the curfew until 4 a.m. had been postponed from August 1. Since then, nothing has been heard, complained Imhof.

“I think it’s a mess that we have to wait almost five months for an announcement,” said Stefan Stürzer. “Will we unlock again this year or not and will we get a fixed cost subsidy of 100 percent?” Says Stürzer, director of the plant, whose fixed costs are around 15,000 euros per month. “As it looks now, we’re really facing a massive club extinction,” he said.

“The survival of the clubs is also vital for us to survive,” emphasized Linda Schürer-Waldheim from the concert organizer Arcadia Live. Arcadia Live organizes around 300 to 400 shows a year in Austria. According to Schürer-Waldheim, two thirds of these took place in Vienna in 2019 and 62 percent of them in the clubs.

Those: APA