In the meantime everything seemed clear: the contracts for the production of the (autonomously driving) Apple Car had been negotiated, according to various reports in the past few months. The Californian company has brought experienced partners on board. Their names changed occasionally, including Hyundai, Kia Magna, LG and Foxconn. Basically, however, it has always been about Apple working closely with automakers and contract manufacturers to develop their own cars.

The story of the “Apple Car” takes a new turn
Now, however, the story of “Project Titan”, which is still shrouded in mystery in many respects, could take a new turn. According to a current report by the South Korean Mail Economic Daily, Apple wants to develop the car completely on its own again with immediate effect. The reason for this is allegedly the time delays that have occurred in recent months, which are due to the ultimately unsuccessful cooperation talks with, among others, Toyota, Nissan and BMW. Apple is currently restructuring and is therefore allegedly expanding the development team in Cupertino in order not to be dependent on external partners and not to lose any more time.

Apple allegedly asks parts suppliers for offers
According to Mail Electronic Daily, Apple has also contacted global parts suppliers in the past few weeks and asked them to submit offers, among other things. However, it is not known which companies are involved. If the report is correct, Apple would already be in a relatively advanced phase of production preparations. Naturally, the Californian company will not take the production of the Apple Car into its own hands, but rather outsource it to contract manufacturers.

Kevin Lynch to head “Project Titan” with immediate effect
In addition, there are further indications that Apple intends to drive the development of the in-house car more on its own in the future. Following the departure of Doug Field, who was hired by Ford, Kevin Lynch will head Project Titan in the future, reports Bloomberg. The Vice President of Technology had already switched from the health department to the Apple Car team in July. With immediate effect he is responsible for the hardware development of the car and the design of the sensors for autonomous driving in Cupertino. In addition, a few days ago Apple bought a large test site in Arizona through its own mailbox company and engaged with Dr. Anton Urselmann is an experienced specialist who previously worked for Mercedes and Porsche for many years.

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