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We talked about the universal vaccine against Covid a On air, the transmission conducted by Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo on La7. A few days ago Anthony Fauci in the United States also talked about it. About that Guido Silvestri, immunologist and virologist, host of the program, said his: “In that case it would take a long time and it is not possible to predict future variants”. Then he added: “With the third dose the coverage is very good.”

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Speaking of a specific vaccine against Omicron, however, the expert explained: “We may not need it. But it is clear that if it came it would be something to be implemented”. De Gregorio then asked him if there is some interest on the part of pharmaceutical companies in creating vaccines that are different each time instead of a single drug, capable of protecting against any variant. At that point Silvestri replied: “The interests of pharmaceutical companies are a delicate terrain, it is clear that the flow of money changes in the case of a single vaccine “.

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In the end, however, the expert stressed the importance of vaccines and also of those who developed them. This is why he then argued: “If someone earns a little more, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I think there are other problems. “De Gregorio replied immediately, who commented:” Even if someone earns a little less it would not be the end of the world “.

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