An investigation by the State Commission for the Prevention of Sanitary Risks (Coepris) revealed the purchase by the Ignacio Morones Prieto Central Hospital of another counterfeit drug, Meropenem, in which it confirms that frequent providers of the institution not only have fiscal anomalies, but also signs of falsification of documents and health records.

The foregoing was exposed in a document from the Ministry of Health, dated September 1 of this year.

The report documents the processes followed in the purchase of 4 drugs that were allegedly falsified. Of two of them, Mabhtera and Cardioxane, the case was made public in June 2019. While that of Hercepetin was discovered by Citizens Observing in August of this year. These are three cancer medicines.

However, the report touches on a third operation that was not publicly known. It involves the purchase from 3 different suppliers of the drug Meropenem, a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat infections of the skin and abdomen caused in adults and children by bacteria and meningitis.

The investigation confirms the journalistic and Citizens Observing organization’s allegations about the existence of Central Hospital providers that operate as shell companies, such as Comercializadora y Proveedora Alston SA de CV, which is also involved in another sale of counterfeit cancer medicines to the Central.

It describes how another provider, Julio Rubén Sosa González, had a non-existent health license detected, in addition to the fact that he could not be located either.

Finally, the Comercializadora GG company has a health manager, Grecia Marian Azuara Orta, who does not verify the title or professional license related to the medical area. Like the other two, it was not physically located either.

The Coepris concludes that the providers are unreliable, that they are not properly established and in one case, that it is a fake.