Anonymous threatens Elon Musk in video, the tycoon responds on Twitter

The one of Elon Musk is one of the most controversial figures of our time. Extremely rich, ambitious and reckless, the next “emperor” of Mars is not making headlines only for the many projects related to SpaceX and Tesla, but also for having ended up in the crosshairs of Anonymous, a famous hacking group.

The faceless hackers have in fact sent a video openly attacking the businessman of the moment, because of his Bitcoin policy and to cryptocurrencies more generally. Video that was published on YouTube – you can click here to see it in full version -, and that has inevitably turned on the people of the web.

Covering his face with the features of Guy Fawkes, the iconic profile of the film V for Vendetta, and heavily modifying his voice, a man addressed Elon Musk directly with words that were both harsh and disturbing:

In recent years, you have enjoyed a better reputation than anyone else in the billionaire category, just because you have leveraged the desire many of us have to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration. But recently people are starting to see you as another wealthy narcissist who is desperate for attention.

Anonymous’s heavy attack is a direct reaction to the recent one Musk’s ironic tweet about Bitcoin, considered by the group as disrespectful to all those people who have decided to invest in cryptocurrency by trusting the CEO and founder of SpaceX. To then find himself with a handful of flies, especially in a very critical historical period from a social, health and economic point of view.

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The mysterious figure in the video continues:

Millions of investors were really counting on their cryptocurrency earnings to improve their lives. Sure, they took the risk when they invested and everyone knows they need to be prepared for the volatility of cryptocurrencies, but your tweets this week show a clear disdain for the average working person.

The Anonymous clip closes with what looks like one threat addressed to Elon Musk:

You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met an equal. We are Anonymous! We are a legion. Wait for us, we’re on our way.

For his part, the tycoon once again relied on Twitter pages to answer. Choosing a cryptic approach:

Don’t kill what you hate, save what you love.

We are still investigating whether this is a possible danger or just an artfully created provocation by Anonymous, and due precisely to the fact that Musk is trying with his tweets to change the cryptocurrency market.

Andrea Guerriero


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