Annapurna announces many games for Microsoft’s service at Showcase 2022 –

During the event Annapurna Showcase we could see various games and development teams supported by the publisher, but there was also room for simpler announcements, such as the arrival of some games published by Annapurna on Xbox Game Pass, the service of Microsoft. The games that will be added to the subscription are:

  • Model – inverno
  • Solar Ash – winter
  • Bounty Star The Morose Tale of Graveyard Clem – 2023
  • Flock – no date
  • Thirsty Suitor – nessuna data

Model is a first person narrative puzzle game. We find ourselves inside a recursive realm, that is, one that has smaller versions of itself inside. Through this particularity, we will have to move objects and overcome puzzles of various kinds, also discovering the story of two characters, who will have a love relationship. We will talk about memories, healing and the value of the past and the future.


As we told you in our review, Solar Ash is “many things, but it certainly cannot be called a misstep. The second work of Heart Machine is an artistically excellent title, with a very solid gameplay and full of brilliant ideas. The design that supports its limbs is not always impeccable, but some “broken” rhythm a bit forced and a rather banal narrative are not enough to ruin the experience. However recommended, and an excellent demonstration of talent that bodes well for the future of the team. ”

Flock is a Flower-style adventure where you have to gather strange floating animals and use their wool to make clothes. Here is the dedicated news.

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Bounty Star The Morose Tale of Graveyard Clem instead, it is a third-person action game with piloted mechs. Here is our dedicated news.

Thirsty Suitor is a strange mix of skateboarding, RPG and narrative game, based on cultural differences and the repair of broken relationships. Here is our dedicated news.

Tell us, what do you think of these adds to the Xbox Game Pass? Are you interested?



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