Animal disease on the rise – case of African swine fever in Germany – News

  • African swine fever (ASF) was first detected in Germany.
  • The animal disease was confirmed in a dead wild boar near the border with Poland. There is no danger to humans.
  • Switzerland has not yet been affected. However, it is feared that this will also occur with us.

“The suspicion has unfortunately been confirmed,” said the German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner in Berlin in front of the media. “African swine fever is harmless to humans.” There is no danger to humans from eating potentially contaminated meat. The epidemic is almost always fatal for pigs.

The carcass of the wild boar was found a few kilometers from the German-Polish border in the Spree-Neisse district. A chemical institute brought the final proof. This means that Germany is losing its status as “disease-free”.

Fear of spread in Switzerland too

Germany could now threaten export bans for pork to non-EU countries, for example to Asia. German farmers are therefore very concerned about the economic impact.

So far there have been no cases in Switzerland. But here, too, the farmers are concerned and the federal government fears that sooner or later cases will inevitably arise. According to the Federal Office for Agriculture, the highest level of alert exists. Specifically, this means that all wild boars found dead, as well as the killings of sick animals and wild animals that have been killed, are examined for African swine fever as part of a national early detection program.

With fences against the disease

The disease has been spreading across the continent from the east for years. In the last few months it has been circulating mainly in Poland. In March, a wild boar that died from it was discovered just over ten kilometers from the border in Germany’s eastern neighbor.

The cause of the spread in Europe is suspected to be the illegal disposal of food waste that contained the pathogen.

The German state of Brandenburg has already erected a 120-kilometer-long electric safety fence at the border. He’s supposed to stop wild boars. A fence was also built on the Saxon border.