A comic book prize, dedicated to the memory of Goscinny and rewarding the best screenplays, was awarded Tuesday to the resistant Madeleine Riffaud, 97, on the occasion of the presentation of the Angoulême Festival 2022.

Madeleine Riffaud published in August ‘La Rose Dégoupillée’ (Aire Libre, Dupuis editions), the first volume of her war memoirs, in which she recounts her arrival in the Resistance in Paris in 1944, at the age of only 17. She who still lives in the capital is currently working on volumes 2 and 3 of ‘Madeleine resistant’.

She receives the René-Goscinny prize for best album screenplay, with Jean-David Morvan, the author who interviewed her at length. The drawing of this comic is signed Dominique Bertail.

‘I’m a little fed up with people saying my age all the time. In any case, I am very happy because it will piss off even more the fascists (and all their brainless friends) who have fun writing pro-Nazi slogans on my exhibition at the Buttes-Chaumont park ‘, a reacted the winner, in a press release issued by its publisher.

Other ‘resistant’ young people

A René-Goscinny prize for the young screenwriter was awarded to another comic book evoking the Resistance in Paris, ‘Des Vives’ by Louise Moaty and Raphaël Meltz (2024 editions).

After a 2021 edition heavily disrupted by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Angoulême International Comics Festival is due to return to its classic format in 2022, from January 27 to 30. One of the exhibitions of this Festival will be dedicated to René Goscinny, who created Asterix with the designer Albert Uderzo.

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Selection of Fauves

The FIBD unveiled at a press conference in Paris its selections for its various prizes, the Fauves.

The official selection, which makes it possible to win the Fauve d’or (best album of the year) and other prizes, includes 46 titles. Very eclectic, it includes, for example, ‘Le Jeune Acteur 1’, the beginning of the series in which Riad Sattouf recounts the rise of Vincent Lacoste, a simple college student who became a film star. But also Japanese comics, or the Polish Maria Rostocka (‘The End of July’).

Les Fauves d’Angoulême comes in multiple awards: special jury prize, revelation prize, series, audacity, France Télévisions public, alternative comics, Eco-Fauve Raja (comic book on ecology) , Fauve polar SNCF, heritage prize, youth prize (8-12 years and 12-16 years), Fauve des lycéens.

The most prestigious award of the Festival is the Grand Prix of the city of Angoulême, crowning the whole of a work. In 2021, he had gone to American Chris Ware.

Finally, a comic book prize from the Museum of the History of Immigration, place which hosted the presentation of this festival, was created, to be awarded during the FIBD. Eight books are in the running, including, for example, ‘Chez toi. Athens, 2016 ‘by Sandrine Martin, on the arrival of the Syrians in Greece.



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