Ángela Leiva whitewashed her courtship with a musician and revealed: “He is expecting a child with his ex”

Despite having over a million followers on Instagram, Angela Leiva she is not the kind of celebrity who shares the minute by minute of her day. Their networks are fully dedicated to promoting their work and possibly registering a trip or event they attend. But when it comes to his privacy, he prefers to keep as low a profile as possible. That is why decided to whitewash his courtship with a member of his band through a message sent to show partners (eltrece) instead of sharing it on the platform.

Ángela Leiva whitewashed her courtship

2021 was full of great challenges for Leiva. He was part of The academy (eltrece), starred The 1-5/18 along with stars like Esteban Lamothe and Agustina Cherri, and continued with his tropical music shows. Although he always gave his best, there came a point where his commitments were piling up and his busy schedule did not give him respite, so he had to say goodbye to the cycle led by Marcelo Tinelli. But that would not be the only break that the year had in store for him, since, In mid-June, he ended a three-year relationship with Martín Echarte.

As is often the case with celebrities when they are single, the attention of both their fans and specialized journalists in the show focused on discovering if the artist was dating someone again. In this way, It didn’t take long for rumors to emerge that linked her to various characters, among which were some of his castmates in Pol-Ka’s novel. Time and time again, Leiva had to deny them -or, in any case, ignore- the speculations.

However, the day came when, in the midst of growing theories of a possible relationship with one of the members of his band, the interpreter of “Strange Calls” came out to confirm them. The news was presented show partners (eltrece), where they reported that She is happily dating Gabriel Mikelovich.

Gabriel Mikelovich is one of the members of Ángela Leiva’s bandinstagram @gabriel.mikelovich

In addition, They detailed that the musician is currently preparing to become a father for the first time with his ex-partner, but they stated that they did not know if Ángela was aware of the situation or not. Days later, Mariana Brey reported that she contacted the protagonist of this story and that she explained the entire situation to her. “She told me that they are on vacation in the south, in the snow, that they were not photographed together but that they are in love,” she said.

And he added: “Angela says that everything is recent and confirms that Gabriel is aware that he will be a father, but that he found out after separating”.

Next, the panelist showed the message she received from her interlocutor, which read: “Yes, it’s true. He is very happy and I am happy for him. He found out when he had already broken up with the mother of his baby, that’s why the stories were crossed”.

Ángela Leiva confirmed her relationship with Gabriel Mikelovich
Ángela Leiva confirmed her relationship with Gabriel Mikelovichinstagram @angelaleivaok

Finally, he clarified one of the reasons that generated the most doubts and that is the reason why they do not share photos together. “Although I have nothing to hide, I see the situation in context and, in order not to cause discomfort, I prefer not to upload anything. It is still obvious that we are together if we take photos in the same place. He has his history with fatherhood with his ex and he has it with me, that we have been dating for a very, very short time, “he expressed through an audio. And, in this way, he made the announcement that all his fans wanted.



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