Angela de Jong points out Humberto Tan to an affair in ‘Beau’

When a few years ago the ratings of RTL Late Night, at the time Humberto’s talk show were falling sharply, Angela was merciless in her columns: she linked his declining viewing figures to the rumor that he was having an affair with Dionne Stax. Angela went on to write several scathing columns that undoubtedly didn’t contribute to the show’s popularity.

“That did them quite a bit of damage”

The two have carefully avoided each other since then, but there was no escape for Humberto last night. He spoke to Angela about the rise of juice channels and in particular the fact that Yvonne Coldeweijer RTL Boulevard would have gotten ‘on its knees’. According to Angela, the program has protected certain stars for years. † “The showbiz sections – whether you like them or not – have in recent years had to deal with a reputation for being too much under the control of the broadcaster. SBS has Shownieuws, RTL has RTL Boulevard. There were also certain okazes made that it was not allowed to talk about certain affairs. That caused them quite a bit of damage.”

Reference to affair

With affairs Angela also referred to the alleged affair between Humberto and Dionne. Humberto immediately contradicted Angela’s words. “You know, Angela, I also worked, didn’t I, at Boulevard. A few years. I have to tell you honestly: I have not seen that and I can not imagine that this is done from the leadership. The editorial team is independent. Your newspaper is also independent.” Angela could not resist bringing up the alleged affair. “True, but ummm… Your own affair that happened a few years ago…”. Humberto then didn’t know how quickly to interrupt her. “No one called at the time. I did not call, the station did not call.”

“Confidence comes on foot and goes on horseback”

According to Angela, this is nonsense. “Erland Galjaard also called us about that affair and Luuk Ikink also admits that it was treated very reluctantly at the time. With understandable intentions, because it is a colleague. But as Aran Bade also told this table this week: trust comes on foot and goes on horseback.”

Source: RTL 4

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