While waiting for Apple to adopt the RCS format (the connected replacement of SMS), Google is trying to improve the interoperability of conversations between Android and iOS on its own.
Version 10.7 ofAndroid Messages, the application used by default to receive SMS and RCS on Android, should soon be able to recognize the reactions sent by owners of an iPhone. Google’s goal is to create the illusion of a truly enriched conversation between iOS and Android.

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Emojis on messages

For several years, it has been possible on iOS to react to a message by double-tapping it and selecting an emoji. We can put a heart, a thumbs up or down or a “haha”. This feature is quite popular in the iOS ecosystem, and on Android has always been a problem.
If you react to a message and your correspondent uses a smartphone other than Apple, he will receive a second SMS indicating “Liked” Message “”. What quickly make a conversation unreadable.

With its future update, Android Messages should convert those SMS into real reactions. If he receives an “Loved”, Android Messages will add a thumbs up on the last message you sent. Finally, the conversations will give the impression of having been written between two terminals under the same OS.

Also to discover in video:

According to 9to5newsylist, at the origin of this information, some Android users having installed the beta version of Messages would already benefit from this novelty.
We did the test by installing the latest beta, and with us, iPhone reactions are still not displayed in the form of emojis. Still a little patience ?

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Source : 9to5newsylist

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