Android Automotive at Audi and Co. is coming

Android Automotive at Audi and Co. is coming

Cars can no longer do without Google software, as more and more car manufacturers are realizing.

The German manufacturers resisted the Google software for a long time, but there is no way around it. The solution of the future for the Volkswagen Group is to switch to an Android platform and it will probably be Android Automotive (AAOS). But first without Google services.

Like other brands, Audi will rely on an open version. Volkswagen is building its own app store for this purpose, which we hope will be able to convince popular app providers. I have my doubts that the offer can come close to the Google Play Store.

Another difference is that Audi uses a horizontal display in the latest cockpit (Title picture). This is rather the exception in the world of manufacturers with Android Automotive. Polestar, Volvo, Renault, Ford, etc. mostly use vertically aligned screens – this is much more reminiscent of smartphones.

Many roads lead to Rome, one could say here. Some manufacturers offer Google apps without using a Google operating system. Others rely on a Google operating system, but use the open variant without Google services. The really big names continue to prefer interim solutions.

A modernization was initially overslept and now the OEMs have to deliver quickly. So far, this has gone wrong at Volkswagen in particular. The comparison with Tesla often lags, but is constantly being taken. And the European manufacturers are simply lagging behind.

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