Android Auto is updated in a big way with split screen mode and new design


Android Auto is going to receive great news with its next update: Material You, split screen mode, support for different types of screen and much more.

Google has announced a new Android Auto update with a new design much more useful and convenientwhich promises to provide an easier driving experience, and above all, safer.

With the new version of Android Auto, interesting new features are introduced, such as the support for multiple screen formatsa new split-screen mode to accommodate more information without having to switch between apps, and graphic elements inherited from the Material You design language.

The new Android Auto interface can be adapted to any type of screen format.

A more proactive Google Assistant, Material You and more changes landing in Android Auto

Google has announced that the Google Assistant is going to become more useful in Android Auto, thanks to the contextual hints that will allow users to be more productive in the car, without the need to use their hands.

“From suggested replies, to messaging, to sharing your arrival time with a friend, or even playing recommended music, Google Assistant is helping you get more done in the car efficiently.”

Furthermore, it will now be possible make calls or answer messages to favorite contacts with just one touch, without taking your eyes off the road.

Android Auto is updated in a big way with split screen mode and new design

Android Auto’s multi-window mode lets you see more information on the same screen.

The Android Auto redesign introduces a new multi-window mode, which displays much more information on the screen to help you get more done without having to open the app drawer to switch between apps. In addition, some elements such as clock widget o Information cards have inherited the traits of the Material You interface introduced along with Android 12.

In addition to that, Google has announced that, soon, YouTube will be available in cars with Android Auto, as well as other applications of streaming of video. Of course, it will only be possible to use this function when the car is charging or parked.

The news of Android Auto will begin to arrive soon to all compatible vehicles.

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