Games can be started in Android 12 even though the download has not yet finished.

Anyone who frequently tries out new games on their smartphone knows the annoying problem: long waiting times for the game to download. This can be annoying, especially with larger games. In Android 12, the puzzle should now come to an end. Clever technology that is already familiar from consoles makes it possible.

When browsing through the Google Play Store, you often come across interesting games. Depending on the internet connection and file size, it can feel like an eternity between clicking the download button and the first few seconds in the game. Google also knows this and has it in Android 12 this problem is now accepted.

Android 12 allows the game to start before the download has finished

The new Android version enables smartphone owners to to start a game even though the complete download has not yet finished (Source: Android Developers). The US group calls this function “play as you download”, which, according to its own statements, should ensure that games on the Android smartphone can be opened “at least twice as quickly” as before. In a GIF, Google has visualized the speed increase in Android 12:

In Android 12, gamers don’t have to wait long. Image: Google.

In fact, the right smartphone starts noticeably faster in comparison, after just a few seconds the user is directly in the game. Such a feature is of course not completely new. Similar functions have been around on the PC and consoles for years. With Android 12 and “Play as you download”, mobile gaming could get another boost if users don’t have to wait agonizingly long before they can start playing for the first time.

We show you what else Android 12 has to offer in the Video:

New functions and revised UI in Android 12

Android 12 is the biggest update in years and, in addition to new features such as a unified share menu and expanded widgets, also comes with a completely redesigned user interface (UI). Among other things, it should automatically adapt to the background image and the system colors based on it. The final version of Android 12 is expected in late summer after the current beta phase.