Andrea Taboada burst into tears when she recounted the consequences left by the Covid | DiaryShow

Beginnings of May Andrea Taboada contracted coronavirus and he joined the list of Argentine celebrity figures who had to overcome the disease. Although his condition was mild with symptoms such as fatigue, headache and throat revealed that he had some sequels left.

The panellist broke down in tears this Wednesday by revealing how still feel some effects of Covid-19 both physical and emotional. In the middle of the second wave of the pandemic in “The Morning Angels“he counted:”The covid left me something that I cannot describe, it is a downturn. I’m still a little tired and I think I’m going to have to go back to therapy. “

“I am very good and I feel that I did not regain my energy. Everything distresses me, hurts me and makes me cryshe said holding back tears. And I add: “I don’t want to make a show of this, but it makes me sick. “

Then she recalled the situation she lived with her sister’s husband: “I tell you the truth, yesterday without meaning to, on the street, I went shopping and I met my brother-in-law, who had not seen him for a long time. He is my older sister’s husband. Seeing him was rare. He is already vaccinated. But it is a strange feeling. I feel that I am not the same Andrea“.

“I don’t have the energy that I always have. It’s such a strange feeling that, obviously, I’m going to have to do therapy. I saw him, my mom, my sister a few times. It was video calls. But when that happened to me. , in the afternoon … I think we are all bad, with this confinement, the economic crisis, not being able to see family and friends “, she expressed anguished.

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