And the doctors are watching ….

by Pietro Cavalli

12 MAG

Dear Director,
I am grateful to Ivan Cavicchi for a concept finally expressed clearly and finally put on display: the problem of the “infinite refinancing” of the national health service (SSN), that is to say the question of how it is possible to continue to “finance the ordinary in extraordinary way “.

Today, like yesterday, the PNRR money is an additional debt that, even in light of the current economic condition and the recent increase in the spread, we will never be able to repay. If living in debt has now become a very widespread individual condition, it represents a vision without a future when it concerns the community.

Making policy (including health) should be a choice resulting from analysis, planning, identification of objectives, appropriate funding. Not at all. We are instead, like Alice in Wonderland, in the enchanted world of “bonuses”, from that for awnings to that for psychological support. Without any analysis or even the identification of priorities but with high pressure from corporate electoral basins, demagogy, data (when present) always used in the form of relative risk, poor quality of parliamentary representation, distraction (and destruction) of health personnel.

Speaking of distraction, perhaps the recent proposal of the Lombard PD has escaped, which, as widely expected, follows the Emilian example for the establishment of Welfare Directors, in addition to the General Managers, Health Directors, Administrative Directors, Social Directors Sanitary ware with related set of offices, secretariats, administrative employees, service cars, etc. etc. and with remuneration well above € 100,000 per year, net of bonuses and incentives.

Other top figures are expected in the near future since, citing the oncologist Cifaldi, all the next and varied houses of health, community, neighborhood, condominium and so on, despite the impossibility of functioning due to the absolute lack of doctors and nurses will in any case be equipped with adequate administrative and managerial staff. If it is true that this initiative does not take the name of “bonus”, it has the same meaning: everyone dancing on the sinking ship. And the doctors are watching ….

Pietro Cavalli


12 maggio 2022
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